Children of the Night……..

There was a PSA segement a decade and a half ago shown on all the local TV channels here in California. It usually was shown sometime between the hours of 10PM and midnight.

The premise was “It’t after ten o’ clock……do you know where your children are?” It showed a bunch of teens at a house party or pool hall or out and about on the streets of urban and suburban California.

Did it do any good? Like all public service announcements, the results are debatable. In this case, I don’t think it did any good.

On Thursday night I hit the streets, no longer in my Salvation Army uniform…..but out to offer help, services, prayer, and encouraging words. What surprised me was that there were a ton of teenagers out and about….and it was a school night. I am not talking about an eighteen-year old-who is gonna graduate in a few weeks. I am talking twelve and thirteen-year-olds………at the corner of Fulton and Ventura here in Fresno, dressed “london” skin-head in style (new Levi 501’s, high gloss “doc martens” with a crisp oxford). I asked to a pack of girls “Hey, shouldn’t you girls be at home, this isn’t the best ‘hood to be walking around in…”

One girl who was playing in mommys make-up a little too much replied “Yeah it isn’t safe here, maybe you should go home, you being a white boy….”

“I live here. This is my neighborhood.” I said.

They laughed, we all chatted a bit…….the thing is………they didn’t seem to care, neither did their mom’s or grandmothers when I asked them about “What’s mom / dad have to say about you being out this late?”

Notta one mentioned a father. All had an aunt, a mom, an older sister or grandmother taking care of them. One of the older girls said she had seen me “on TV” (promoting the BSA locally a few years back). She asked how come I wasn’t in my Scout uniform. I smiled and asked her why she wasn’t at home getting some sleep?

I told them where the local police station was, where The local Salvation Army was, and said…..if any of you are runaways, and you need help, I have a number for you to call.

I offered prayer, one took me up on it (her name was Aieesha…pray for her…..if she actually had a dad, a PASTOR or grandfather around she would turn around quick).

Fresno is a rough town….and the neighborhood I live in isn’t the best…….but its home. I strive to be known in the area who wants and expects better. Keep these folks in prayer.

Leaning against a streetpost on the warm California night, watching the cars, the occasional hooker who always offers me a “good time” or says “You ready? I sure am.” This song beat upon my brain…………in so many ways, the music, the styles, the times have changed from the long ago year of 1972 but the message rings truer than ever in my life………………….







2 thoughts on “Children of the Night……..

  1. Aieesha – “pray for her”

    Proverbs 1:7 – “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”

    Psalm 144:12 – “… that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace.”

    Matthew Henry – “Daughters unite families as corner stones join walls together. Daughters adorn families and homes as polished stones garnish the structure into which they are builded. Daughters are purified and consecrated to God as living temples. Home becomes a palace when the daughters are maids of honour.”

    Psalm 1:2 – “But his delight is in the Law of the Lord; and in His law doth he meditate day and night.”

    John 1:1 – “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    Heavenly Father, bless Aieesha with the fear of the Lord. Bless Aieesha with an insatiable appetite for Your Word, which will penetrate the very marrow of her bones, and set her spirit ablaze with Your Holiness as she humbles her heart and prostrates herself before You. Bless Aieesha with great courage to live counter-culturally by walking the narrow path you’ve set before her at this tender age. Bless Aieesha with conviction of sin, by drawing her to her knees that she may cry out to You, “Not my will, but Thy will be done in my life for Your glory!”

    Father, I pray for this cyclical, multi-generational family curse of fatherlessness and destruction and matriarchal evil and rebellion be nailed to the Cross of Jesus Christ and bring to an end its stranglehold and siege upon this family; and may this restoration begin with Aieesha, here and now, In the Name of Jesus Christ! Father, I pray that You establish, in Aieesha’s household, a new family legacy of faithfulness, wholeness, and fruitfulness in Christ. Father, I pray that You use Aieesha as a protective covering for her entire family as You used Rahab as a protective covering to rescue her family from annihilation. I pray that You graft Aieesha and her household into the Family of God, claiming them as Your own, absorbing them into the Kingdom of God! Nothing is impossible for You, my Lord!

    Father, I pray that You guard and preserve Aieesha’s young, developing body, her mind, and her spirit from defilement. I pray that her rebellious peers reject her that she may not be adversely influenced to engage in debauchery.

    Father, I pray that You arrange another divine appointment for Aieesha and a Titus 2 woman of God to disciple her in the faith, to instruct her to be sober, to teach her how to love her husband, how to love her children, how to properly manage her home, to be discreet, chaste, a keeper at home, good, obedient to her own husband, so that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

    Father, I pray that You bless Aieesha with a burden to minister to the present needs of her family and bless her with a heart for her home. I pray that Aieesha quietly, humbly, dutifully, and quickly obeys her mother and reverences her mother. I pray that You transform Aieesha into a blessing to her family by faithfully performing her after-school household chores to maintain the cleanliness and order of her home, preparing family meals, doing the laundry, assisting in the care of her younger siblings, if applicable, and contributing to her family’s micro-economy in an appropriate, suitable manner. I pray that Aieesha matures into a godly young woman, having cultivated and developed strong spiritual disciplines, who seeks after You and loves You with all her heart, mind, soul, spirit, and strength; and displays Your righteousness before her family and peers. Father, I pray that You bless Aieesha with Your swift rod of discipline to prevent her from engaging in rebellious activities that will lead her and those under her influence astray. Father, I pray that Aieesha matures into a young woman of the Word, of faith, of prayer, of nobility.

    Father, I pray that You prepare to give your daughter, Aieesha, away in marriage at 18 years of age to a godly young man you’ve prepared to be her protector, provider, priest, and prophet; an establish Aieesha in her own family estate. Bless Aieesha by transitioning her from her matriarchal household to the protective covering of her husband. Nothing is impossible for You, my Lord!

    Father, I pray that You that You bless Aieesha with knowledge, wisdom, discernment discretion, chastity, and modesty. I pray that You bless Aieesha with an all-consuming abhorrence for social media. Father, protect her from exploitation by predators.

    Father, I pray that Aieesha presents her body, her being as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto You, my Lord.

    Father, I pray that Aieesha be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of her mind, that she may prove what is good, acceptable, and perfect, according to Your will.

    Father, I pray that Aieesha abhors all that is evil, and cleaves to all that is good.

    Father, I pray that Aieesha rejoices in hope, is patient in tribulation, continues in fervent prayer, overcoming evil with good. I pray that Aieesha meditates on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praise-worthy.

    Father, I praise You for arranging this divine appointment between Your son, Jason, and Aieesha. Though this encounter was brief, I believe by faith, it will bear life-long, eternal ramificatons. Imprinted upon Aieesha’s memory, heart, and spirit, Your son Jason, had exemplified before her the conduct and faith of a righteous man of God, man of prayer, a servant of the Lord; having expressed sincere concern for her well-being, prepared to deliver any assistance needed, provided wise counsel, displayed a paternal protectiveness, and interceded on her behalf in prayer.

    Father, I pray that You flood Your beloved son Jason with blessings, anointings, and a storeroom of Your divine goodness!

    Father, I pray that You dispatch Your ministering angels to tend to the heart of Your beloved son Jason, gently lifting him from loneliness and despair.

    Father, overwhelm Your dearly beloved son Jason with your restorative Love.

    Father, protect Your beloved son from harm as he faithfully and courageously searches and rescues children of the night, to share the Good News of the Gospel, while tending to their physical and spiritual wounds, encouraging and comforting, igniting the Light of Christ in the midst of those trapped in the deepest of darkness.

    Father, Your comforter needs comforting.

    Father, Your encourager needs encouraging.

    Father, Your caregiver needs caregiving.

    Father, Your minister needs ministering.

    Father, Your helper needs a helpmeet.

    Father, I pray that the hour has finally arrived, In the Name of Jesus!, I pray. Amen.


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